Radial Pressure Wave or Shockwave RPW in Brunswick Heads

Radial Pressure Wave/ Shockwaves are produced by high-energy acoustic percussions that carries high-energy soundwaves directly to symptomatic acute, chronic body tissue to stimulate our body’s tissue healing processes. Clinically proven to be effective in the treatment of most common muscular and tendon conditions. RPW shockwaves are a physical soundwave “shock”, not an electric one.

Our ‘state of the art’ RPWS machine is manufactured by Storz, (a world leading Swiss medical technology/equipment manufacturer) and guarantees that a proven level of radial pressure wave is generated to effectively stimulate the body’s’ self-healing processes.

Guided by Osteopathic principles and its’ unique, diagnostic perspective of the dynamic and integrated whole body, whole being. Aiming for free circulation of bodily fluids, blood & lymph and neural impulse to enhance the body’s self-healing potential. Osteopaths offer RPW in addition to a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the precise location of your tissues issues. The combination of Osteopathic joint mobilisation, alignment and RPW brings a potent therapy to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing ability.

Free circulation of bodily fluids, blood & lymph and neural impulse to enhance the body’s self-healing potential is the primary goal of Osteopathic medicine.

Specialists & Qualifications

Toby Mills

Osteopath, Provider No 4233473T

BappSc (ComplMed), MOsteo

Sue Broadbent, DO

Osteopath, Provider No 2378514X

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