Looking for Osteopathy in Brunswick Heads?

We have five fully accredited practitioners: Karen Bryant, Sue Broadbent, Toby Mills, Amelia Rocco and Emily Pepper.

The clinic is staffed with two Osteopaths Monday – Saturday. At various times during the year we will have staff absences for leave or continuing professional development, however we endeavour always to have at least one osteopath in practice each day, except public holidays and Sundays.

New patients attend an initial consultation of 60 minutes to complete a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of the presenting condition, followed by osteopathic treatment. Repeat appointments are usually 30 minutes duration, extended appointments of 45 minutes may be arranged with your osteopath and we welcome referrals from GP’s under Allied Health Medicare Referrals from GP’s.

Osteopathic treatment uses an extensive range of hands-on techniques for general treatment of the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments), along with mobilisation and or manipulation of specific joints and soft tissues. Depending on your practitioner and your condition, your treatment may also include Cranial or Visceral osteopathy, Dry Needling and exercise prescription.

Osteopath Pricing

Initial Consultation
$12560 Minutes
  • (Concession $115)

Concession price includes Seniors, Health Care Card Holders, Students and Children under 16.

Please note, our appointment book is often over-subscribed and we operate a waiting-list.  Patients are required to give 6 business hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling.  A late cancellation fee may be charged if we are unable to fill your appointment.

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