Hyeonji Oh

Remedial Massage Therapist
Hyeonji Oh

Hyeonji started practicing massage five years ago after experiencing amazing effects while suffering an injury from martial arts training.
Since then Hyeonji has strived to deliver help to others who suffer sports based injury and physical ailments.
Hyeonji is also a huge advocate of natural health therapies and the belief in the human body’s natural ability to heal, if the appropriate conditions are provided.

Hyeonji has recently completed her myofacial releases training for postural imbalance, so is able to assess individuals postural problem better and could treat the condition accordingly.
It helps prevent further injury and reducing present pain significantly.
She can also provide soft tissue release massage as a pre osteo treatment which could bring much better results for people who are seeing osteopath at the same time.

Hyeonji is available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

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