Evan Stewart, DO

Osteopath, Provider No 225057LJ

BAppSci(Clin), BOstSci

Evan Stewart is an Osteopath with over 20 years of clinical experience as an Osteopathic practitioner. He was drawn to Osteopathy due to his want to help people achieve the best they can in life with the goal of providing patients with the freedom of pain free motion.

Over his years of clinical practice Evan has achieved many positive results with patients from all walks of life. Be they elite athletes, physically active people or those who suffer from pain in their bodies due to an active job or sedentary lifestyle. Most aspects of pain can be eased by the application of Osteopathic technique which Evan employs with each treatment. Evan uses Cranio-Sacral therapy or as it alternatively known ‘Osteopathy in the Cranial Field’ as his preferred mode of treatment. This form of treatment is both gentle and extremely effective in allowing for the efficient resolution of a patients presenting conditions. The use of Cranio-Sacral therapy allows Evan to help in the acute presentation of pain or the chronic conditions many people suffer from. Using the accumulated knowledge he has gained over his career Evan is looking forward to helping you achieve a way of being that is as pain free as possible.

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